DRESSAGE Report 2012  – Sara Horrell supported by Julie Horne and Georgina Horrell

       Winter Dressage League 2011/2012:

       “We were delighted to be able to link up The College of West Anglia at Milton last year.  After many happy years at Lordsbridge it was going to be difficult to keep things running until Vicki Smart at Milton not only offered the venue but also integrated the whole organisation into the monthly pre-existing unaffiliated dressage days. This meant we were able to host four Dengie Winter Dressage qualifiers and the Area Finals as well as run the CHPC winter dressage league with minimal effort for the Branch. Sara Horrell organised training sessions to run alongside the winter league and we saw consistent improvement in test results from all those taking part. Classes were well-supported and competition for the CHPC winter league was fierce with Louise Horne on The Kandee Man winning the senior trophy and Amelia Peak on Bow winning the junior trophy. The Area finals were hotly contested and we were delighted that Amelia Peak qualified for the Nationals on her Pony Bow (Moelview Moving Arrow) and was able to put in a competent performance on her first time at that level – well done Amelia.”

        Julie Horne

        The League is running again this winter and is off to an excellent start, with high standards of test riding. Please see the calendar for the last CHPC chance to qualify for the Dengie Final. Many thanks to Julie Horne for organising this again.

        Summer Dressage and Areas/Nationals 2012:

Dressage was a key feature throughout the summer as well, with super CHPC representation at training, camp and competitions. The Areas saw a strong CHPC team attend. Thank you all who went - for representing your branch with such style and commitment. The Novice team were particularly successful, as, despite losing their fourth team member (Louise Horne unfortunately had broken her arm), the team of three (Iona Tripp, Amelia Peak and Lottie Casey) claimed 4th place in a huge field of entries, with Lottie Casey (Stylo) individual 4th in her arena and Amelia Peak (on her young pony Kippure Silver Dollar) individual 2nd! The team went on to compete beautifully at Nationals - with Louise having just recovered sufficiently to be permitted to re-join the team. They were unlucky to be just outside the placings, with Amelia and Louise both achieving scores of over 70%.

Training is on-going at Milton. All are welcome - although sessions are popular and over-subscribed so please book early to avoid disappointment. 

Plans for 2013: We hope to build on the wonderful success of 2012 - the success at training (in other words for the rider who has built a stronger, happier partnership with their pony) as well as the success at competitions. 
Bravo CHPC!

Georgie Horrell


 2011-2012 Winter League DressageTrophies

        Open Cup:                    Louise Horne

        Junior Cup:                  Amelia Peak

       ENDURANCE Report 2012 – Lindsay Cook

Endurance is a Pony Club discipline with a National Championship to aim for.  A Master Card is given to competitors so that they can be logged into the system having produced the card at each ride they attend. Younger members were able to have a go at the Robin Endurance Ride at the Pirate Rally on the Trumpington Estate and also at Mini Camp.  Robin Ride Rosettes were awarded at the Family Evening.

Again during 2012 we were able to combine with the Cambridgeshire Hunt Ride at Tetworth. The local Endurance Group also held a ride at Wimpole which also offered the Pony Club, Merlin and Kestrel Rides and hopefully we will have the chance for our members to take part in these rides again this year.  

We were not ready to enter a team in the National Championships which is now held in Cheshire, and if anyone is interested in taking part in 2013 please let me know so that we arrange for you to take part in the required number of qualifying rides.

Endurance Riding is a great sport for ordinary ponies and children who want to get a great deal of fun and achievement without a specialist pony, just their best mate, who they can get fit and aim to compete in a National Championship.

There is a new Pony Club Endurance Badge to aim for and lots of skills are involved such as map reading and fittening their pony to a high degree, with 1st Aid and Road Riding forming part of the badge.

       EVENTING 2012  – Lorna Gordon and Trainer - Val Gingell


       The Area Eventing Qualifiers were held at Ely Eventing Centre for Novice, Intermediate and Open Teams, making for a long but enjoyable day. The cross country courses were up to height and well built, encouraging forward riding with perfect ground conditions. The branch was represented by teams at all these levels, showing how the high standard of coaching at all the branch activities has brought significant improvement for our riders. The commitment shown by riders and parents to take part in teams through attendance at our working rallies through the year and team training paid off with solid performances from all our riders.

Will Anthony qualified as an Individual for the Championships as did our Open team, Sara Horrell, Hattie Algar, Ellie Knott and Huw Gordon. Unfortunately, Ellie’s horse was later injured and had to withdraw from the Open team.

The Championships were held for the first time at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire where the prevailing wet conditions that we have suffered since April 2012 made the organiser’s task immense.  However, two really good cross country courses were built, both levels causing a fair amount of trouble. Will had a good clear, as did Hattie and Huw. Sara’s horse glanced off at a particularly influential skinny. Both Huw and Sara had jumped a good clear in the show jumping.

This year we will continue to keep the rallies and team training throughout the branch at all levels and give the members the chance to participate in team competitions.  The Calvert Cup will be held in the Easter holidays as in 2012 and again we hope to have teams there.  The Area Eventing will also be run at Ely again so there is plenty to look forward to.  

Val Gingell - Branch Trainer and British Eventing Junior Regional Co-Ordinator 

We have had another busy, successful and above all enjoyable year. We had many training sessions for all three phases at Waresley, Carlton and Horningsea.

The first area competition was the Calvert Cup where we had 9 entries. 3 in the Open; Huw Gordon, Rachel Dyke and Hattie Algar and 6 in the Intermediate; Georgina Morris, Tara McKenna, Will Anthony, Emily Procter, Ella Crook and Hannah Kirk. Hattie was placed in the Open class and Ella in the Intermediate.

We then moved on to Area Trials where we had 16 members entered. 1 Open team, 1 Intermediate team and 1 intermediate individual and 2 Novice teams.

Of our Open team both Sara and Hattie won their sections and the team which included Huw and Ellie, came second qualifying for the Open Championships.

The Intermediates also did well with Will and Hannah both coming second in their sections and Will qualifying for the championships, sadly for Tara Pat was lame before the cross country so had to withdraw.

The Novice "A" team of Emily, Lottie, Iona and Charlie also won, with Emily winning her arena, meaning that the team also qualified for the Novice Championships. The less experienced team of Gemma, Rebecca and Edward also did well.

A brilliant strike rate with two out of four teams qualifying for their respective championships and 1 individual, 9 out of 16 competitors.

A team of three Open competitors went to Cheshire and had a brilliant time, Huw was particularly thrilled with a double clear. There was a real team feeling even though they weren't placed. Will who had competed the day before, also producing a clear cross country, stayed on and supported the Open team before making the long journey home.

The Novice team had a similarly enjoyable time at their championships.

The final event of the season was the Blenheim Eventer Trial where Will Anthony, Emily Procter, Sam Bennett and Tabitha Love had a good day over a particularly challenging course.

Training has continued over the winter and we are looking forward to having a very good 2013. I am pleased to say that Andrea Hemington is going to help me with organisation etc.

We are very lucky to have Val Gingell as our eventing trainer who is always on hand to warm up at the main competitions and provide invaluable advice throughout the season. We are also delighted that Sue Tydeman attends all the competitions throughout the season providing additional support.

Lorna Gordon

 Gosling Cup Report 2012 – Wendy Ashcroft

The Gosling Cup is a great Pony Club day out.  The Gosling Cup is believed to be the oldest one day event in the country founded by Mrs Rachel Gosling in 1945 the then D.C. of the East Essex Hunt Pony Club to raise the standards of horsemanship after the war.  It includes Tack and Turn Out, Dressage, Team Ride, Cross Country and Show Jumping and our branch also includes a “bring and share lunch/tea”.  2012 saw an individual section for the first time and as we were unable to field a team, Rebecca Page and Edward Monnington both went as individuals and had a great day at Ickworth.

It is proposed that the Eligibility Rules be changed for 2013 to allow more members to take part in this unique competition.  These will be ratified in the coming weeks, and include changing the height of the horse/pony from 15 hands and under to 15.2 and under and allowing one team member to be over 17 years of age, and reducing the height to 85 cm.  If you would like to take part in 2013 please let me know as we can send up to 3 teams. 

Special thanks must go to Frances Murray who again assisted on the day .

Gosling Cup 2013 – Sunday 11 August 2013 – please put the date in your diary now.


       For the first time since 2004 (Amy Ashcroft, Sadie Hall, Alice Johnson and Lucy Sculthorpe), we are pleased to report that 2012 saw the return of the WILKINSON SWORD to the Cambridgeshire.  Congratulations to Ella Crook, Sophie Howse and Tara Mcabe.   WELL DONE ! !  We fielded 2  teams of 3, Ella Crook, Tara McCabe and Sophie Howse.  Jane Monnington, Emma Butler and Rebecca Page.  All 6 riders went clear but unfortunately Rebecca was given 18 time penalties but we are sure that this was an error as she flew round after Emma. Had she not we would have had 1st and 2nd place.

Ella was present to collect the sword and a photo was taken of the only CHPC members present at prize giving, Ella, Jane and Edward. It was a long cold and wet day, but I was delighted with the result as I was determined that this was going to be our year.

       Catherine Monnington

HORSE and PONY CARE Report 2012 – Frances Murray

Despite good attendances for trainings due to various reasons we were unable to send a Junior or Senior Team to the 2012 Area Competition in April.     

Training will commence soon for this years competition which is being held on Saturday 13 April 2013

We are hoping to take four teams (2 junior and 2 senior)  to this year’s competition.  If you would like to be in a team please contact Frances.   

 MOUNTED GAMES Report 2012  – Debbie Roberts (Trainers: Helen Prigmore & Paul Roberts)

       PRINCE PHILIP CUP:   We would like to say thank you and well done to all those that took part in mounted games last year they did really well and we look forward to this year. Regular training will begin after the February half term either on a Wednesday or Friday, time and venue to be confirmed.

       The junior team Amy Lamb, Tina Lamb, Crystal Lamb and Grace did a fantastic job at Areas and qualified for the Zones and just missed out on championships by a whisker! Well done girls!       

       The senior team Todd Roberts, Ed M.T, Amelia Peak and Amy Lamb also qualified at Areas and went to Zones and worked really well as a team but unfortunately didn't qualify either but well done!

       Everyone rode exceptionally well and had a tough job with teams of 4 instead of 5.

We need more children to come to practice and have some fun! Don't worry if your pony hasn't done it before, he or she will love it! Please don't think you can't do it either come and give it a go and surprise yourself!

       Finally a big thank you to all the parents who bring the children and ponies we couldn't do it without you!

For more information - please call Debbie or Paul on 01954 719 213 / 07881 505 313 /

07522 486 605

Debbie Roberts


       MUSICAL RIDE  2012 – Christina Harrison (Trainer: Sarah Maddison)

       This year saw the branch taking up the discipline of Musical Ride with great enthusiasm.  We started with a couple of winter rallies for anyone who wanted to give it a try which were very well attended by riders ranging from some of the youngest on little ponies to older riders on 16hh+ horses. The only requirement was to be in control off the lead-rein. Then we asked for riders to volunteer for a series of training sessions with a view to performing in public in the summer. We ended up with a great core group of 12.   

       Sarah Maddison was a great instructor throughout and choreographed a wonderful ‘Cowboys and Indians’ routine to music from Western films.  Costumes were sourced and made by many creative, hard working mothers, and we felt nearly ready to perform at The Cambridgeshire County Show in June. Sadly this show was then cancelled due to wet fields.

       However all was not wasted as the next opportunity was the Gransden Show in September.  With some shuffling of team members, we had a team of 8 ready to perform at this. Much preparation went into this show- including decorating the Indian ponies with hand prints and feathers.  All went smoothly after a slight delay in getting the music to play on the loudspeakers, and even though we were only in the ring for about 10 minutes we were watched by a large group of spectators who really seemed to enjoy it. The main act of ‘Cowboys and Indians’ was supported by another musical ride group who performed the routine they had devised themselves during Pony Club Camp.

       If you would like to take part in the Musical Ride in 2013 please contact me.

       Christina Harrison

       POLO  2012 – Jane Frost

       Rallies / training sessions held 2013

       This season has been very challenging – with rain stopping play – a lot. Regular sessions have been held every Friday evening latterly from 4-5pm weather permitting, either in the arena or (occasionally) on the grass. We have also organized a few rallies plus a session at camp but have suffered from the great variety of different activities on offer in this pony club. The poor weather this summer has made us really value having access to the arena at the Cambridge Polo club (Haggis Farm)…..


       Edward, Twm and Josh Morris Lowe (all former Branch Members)

       Knowledge covered (as per Pony Club curriculum)

       Polo pony type

       Tack used and reasons for this

       Bandaging and how to put up tails

       Basic rules including “rules of the road” especially related to safety whilst playing

       What is a chukka?  Rules for ponies



       Riding position for polo

       Holding reins correctly

       Basic strokes – off and near side, fore and back hands

       Hitting ball from walk and trot  (& canter)

       Aids for canter and ability to recognize correct leg

       Turns & circles in all paces

       Working in open area

       Basic chukkas

       Plans for 2013

       Continue Friday evening sessions

       A session during pony club camp

       Rallies at half term, Easter holiday and in the summer holidays – dates to be arranged


       All welcome – you do not need a polo pony – most ponies enjoy it.  Just remember to bring 4 bandages and a standing martingale (running martingales can be taped up). We will help you put up tails.

 We are hoping to have enough players to field a team or part team this year.  Unfortunately there is no longer a National Tournament at Haggis in  the summer  but we have been invited to field a team or part team at Hare park in July. Pony Club teams  range from U11=  Jorrocks, to U14 = Handley Cross,  U15 = Surtees, and U17 = Loriner – so there is a level for everyone. It really is a great sport and teaches riders and ponies so much about schooling, (all those flying changes…),  balance and teamwork in a fun way. Come and have a go……  Jane Frost – Polo Manager

       POLOCROSSE REPORT 2012 – Helen Canney

       Former Branch Member Helen Canney has taken on the role of trainer for Polocrosse within the branch. If enough members are interested Helen will try and organise some friendly matches against other branches with a view to organising teams for area qualifiers.  Please speak with Helen if you would like to have a go.

PONY RACING 2012 – Geoffrey De La Sayette

Professional Jockey, Mr Geoffrey De La Sayette has taken on the role of trainer for Pony Club Racing within the Branch and a very successful Introduction to Racing Rally was held at Waresley.  Benoit De La Sayette had a very successful first year in Pony Racing.  Please contact Geoffroy if you would like to have a go and we hope to organise more Pony Club Racing Rallies and Training for those members that are interested.  Training will be available for all members.  However, members cannot take part in “Official” Pony Club Racing unless they 10 years or older at 1st January in any year.

        QUIZ Report 2012 – Lorna Wing

      The team representing Cambridgeshire Hunt in the Annual Quiz 2012 were: Paris Jagger (U21), Caroline Howard (U16), Nuala Hemington (U14),Lottie Casey (U12) 

       The first round for this year’s Quiz was kindly hosted by the Waveney Harriers in Beccles on 16th March 2012.   We arrived at the Village Hall at Beccles and the teams settled themselves down.  The team answered many questions correctly and gave a mature and knowledgeable performance.  Although the team did not progress to the second round this year the whole team was a credit to our Branch.

We had a lot of fun at the training (a big thank you Frances Murray!).  Through the training the team  extended their knowledge of horsemanship – there is always something to learn!

       For anyone who would like to participate in the Quiz for 2013 please contact me.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

        Lorna Wing - 07858 776 514  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


       SHOW JUMPING Report 2012 – Sarah Page/Hetty Sclater (Trainer:  Belinda Neil)

       Festival of Hunting The Inter Hunt Show Jumping Relay kicked off the summer season of competition for us, unfortunately we experienced the worst deluge seen for a very long time upon the East of England Showground. Rivers of water ran across the grounds and all competition had to be abandoned.

The Area Competition did not fare much better with two changes of venue owing to the wet weather and ground conditions, it was eventually held indoors at Easton College near Norwich. We fielded several teams and all our members were a credit to us. A fairly demanding course sorted out the huge field and Rachel Dyke produced a superb round to qualify for the Championships where she was placed 8th overall at Intermediate level.

East of England Autumn Show  We fielded five teams in the Inter Pony Club Show Jumping Competitions at the show in October.  Everyone put on an excellent performance and all learned from the experience, especially those who had to jump in the huge main arena.

Some of our younger members attended the inter branch competition at Isleham where they put in superb effort and were placed.

We already have team competitions lined up this spring and hope to improve on our performance of last year. Anyone who may be interested in representing the branch jumping 55 cm to 110 cm please contact Hetty Sclater.

Huge thanks to Sarah Page for co-ordinating the efforts of all those interested in SJ from trainings to competitions for the last three years, you did a sterling job. We welcome Hetty Sclater as the new Show Jumping Discipline Manager.

Sarah Page – 2009-2012 & Hetty Sclater

        TETRATHLON Report 2012 – Sarah Algar


       Twelve members have regularly competed and attended training events. They are Hattie Algar, Ellie Knott, Charlie Knott, Henna Knott, Nuala Hemington, Lucas Hemington, Penelope Dampier-Kell, Zachary Dampier-Kell, Emily Procter, Benoit de La Sayette, Freddie de La Sayette and Marc de La Sayette.


       These are now held throughout the year, as Triathlons in the winter months and Tetrathlons with XC riding in the Summer. Most of these are organised by individual branches but are also held at Area and Regional level. Regular reports have appeared on the branch website as the season has progressed.

Eleven members competed at Area Level which was a fantastic increase on recent years. The Area competition is the qualifier for the Senior National Championships held at Hartpury. Hattie and Ellie were placed 1st and 2nd, qualifying at Open level and Emily and Charlie were both placed 1st to qualify at Intermediate level. There was success too for Henna Knott at Junior level, being placed 3rd, after an excellent XC, round a challenging course. Our Mini Triathlon boys team of Benoit, Freddie, Lucas and Zachary were the only Area 8 Mini boys team and gave an excellent performance, especially Benoit who shot very well indeed. Penelope had an amazing start with a 960 shoot, produced the best run and 3rd best swim to take the Area 8 title convincingly, and beating all the Area 6 competitors too!

Henna Knott represented the East of England at Junior level at a very damp Milton Keynes. Hattie Algar travelled to a sunny Thirsk for the Senior Inter-Regional and was a member of the winning team.

Sadly, Ellie Knott was unable to compete at the Championships but Hattie was selected to ride for the England Girls team in a Home International (1st) and was placed 10th as an individual.  Emily and Charlie were unplaced, but tackled a daunting XC with excellent demonstrations of their riding ability.


A Ride and Swim BBQ was organised at the end of the Summer holidays as a fundraiser, with the proceeds being split between the Branch and the Branch Tetrathlon.  We were guests of the Pemberton family at Trumpington, the sun shone and everyone enjoyed themselves.


We again had the services of a swimming coach and held sessions at Comberton Village College outdoor pool leading up to the Areas.

Sally Ann de La Sayette attended a short course last year on Shoot Coaching and she and David Knott have held regular training sessions at Hardwick. The Branch has purchased a further pistol for the use of members who do not have their own.

Looking Ahead

This Branch has a history of doing very well in Tetrathlon and we now have a significant number of members taking part regularly, but we would like more members to join in!  Area 8 are putting on an extra competition specifically aimed at younger first timers and it would be fantastic to see more members having a go. I welcome any feedback from parents as to how we can help with this.

Finally, I would like to thank Sue and David Knott and Sally Ann de La Sayette for their help and support.

Sarah Algar - CHPC Tetrathlon Manager

2012 Competition Trophies (Branch if held – if not held, awarded on Area Competition Results)

        Melody Cup (senior girl 15 – 25 years):                               Hattie Algar

           Ward Challenge Cup (senior boy 15 – 25 years):             Charlie Knott

           Girls Tetrathlon Cup (junior girl 12 – 15 years):                 Emily Procter

           Boys Tetrathlon Cup (junior boy 12 – 15 years):                not awarded

           Kendall Cup (mini boy or girl):                                               Penelope Dampier-Kell


        HUNTING Report  Season 2011-2012 – Sacha Wheatley M.F.H. and Julia Shaw M.F.H.

Hunting Certificate  We are pleased to report that 6 members; Charlotte Buchan, Emma Butler, Penelope & Zachary Dampier-Kell, and Alice & Chloe Geering have passed the Pony Club Hunting Certificate.  This involved being assessed by one of the Masters on a Days Hunting and a visit to the Kennels and be able to answer questions about Hunting.  Over 20 members attended the visit to the Kennels during half term in November 2012, so hopefully lots more members will go forward to take the Hunting Certificate either in the remainder of the current season or during the new 2013-2014 season. 

The current season has been troubled by the atrocious weather conditions and has disrupted the meet card.   A further visit to the Kennels is being planned and will be posted on the website www.cambshuntpc.com when known – please check regularly.  Hopefully lots of you will be able to make the February half term Meets, there are lots of local Meets coming up.  If you have been out several times already this season, please contact either myself (Sacha) or Julia to arrange to take part of the test. 

Copies of the Hunting Certificate Test are available from the Sacha, Julia, the secretary or the Pony Club Office. 

Hunting Rosettes 2011-2012  We are pleased to report that nearly 40 members went hunting at least 3 times during the 2011-2012 season, and Hunting Rosettes will be presented at the Family Evening.

Hunting Trophies:  The Branch has had for many years the Sally Bates Cup for the “Most Helpful Member” out hunting and the Jazz Trophy for the “Most Helpful Pony” out hunting. 

Countryside Alliance Race for Repeal 2012:

Congratulations to branch member Harvey Roberts who represented the Cambridgeshire Hunt with Enfield Chace in the Race for Repeal on 8 June 2012!

'Horse and jockey were undoubtedly the pick of the paddock and went off even money favourites. They started well and hit the front about half a mile out.  All was going according to plan until the last furlong when the horse began to tire as she went up the slope towards the finish line. Sadly they were overtaken by the representatives from the Essex and the Pytchley Hunts and beaten by a couple of lengths to 3rd place, some way clear of the remaining 4 runners.  Still, a very admirable result for horse and rider, and those of us present at Newmarket were very proud to call Harvey our Hunt representative.  He rode very tidily, was relaxed, enjoyed himself and got the best out of his horse'.

Harvey was riding Amethyst Dawn.

Point to Point: We hope to see lots you at the Hunt Point to Point which is being held on Sunday 3 February 2013 at Horseheath.  A special tour has been arranged for any of our members who would like to find out more about Point to Point Racing. Please contact Catherine if you would like to join it. If any of you or your parents would like to help at the Point to Point (selling race cards, bucket collections, fence stewarding etc. please contact Catherine Monnington.

Hunt Breakfast: Saturday 16 February 2013 at Vine Farm, Caxton.  A great social occasion and is  open to all family and friends, followed by hunting.  Breakfast is by ticket only available from Simon Bateman, MFH, 01480 810017.

2012 saw the sad passing of the Hunt Joint Secretary and Treasurer, John Cook, who is sadly missed by his family and his many hunting friends.

The Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace Foxhounds continue to hunt within the confines of the Hunting Act 2004.  

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