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        BADGES Report 2012 – Emily Casey

The Pony Club badge system is designed to act as a teaching tool to facilitate learning of the Standards of Efficiency tests.

As most of you know, Mini badges are aimed at E and D Standard of Efficiency and Achievement Badges are aimed at D+ and C Standard of Efficiency.

I am pleased to report that we continue to follow a successful programme of Badge work within our branch. This means that the subject knowledge that children cover is extensive and varied which helps instructors to thoroughly prepare the children for their Standards of Efficiency Tests.

The Mini Gold badge is awarded to members who have passed every Mini badge in the Pony Club book. 10 Gold Badges were awarded in 2012, Charlotte Buchan in May and the following 9 children were awarded their Mini Gold Badges during camp week: Scarlet Williams, Lara Sclater, Emma Shaw, Summer Williams, Josh Wheatley, Grace Nicholls, Iona Sclater, Francesca Shaw, Jodi Allen.

The Pony Club Gold Achievement Badge is awarded to members who have been awarded 21 Achievement Badges, ('big' badges – Equine and Non-Equine), or more. Lottie Casey, Charlotte Buchan and Caroline Howard were awarded their Gold badges in 2012.

The Blue Cross Animal Welfare Badge is awarded to those members who have passed the following 10 Equine-Related Welfare badges: Care of the Foot, Bandaging and Rugs, Feeding, First Aid (Equine), Handling and Grooming, Lorinery, Mucking Out, Perfect Paddock, Saddlery and Shoeing. The following members passed this badge in 2012: Lottie Casey, Charlotte Buchan, Sebastian Bishop and Caroline Howard.  Congratulations to all!

The record of Badges passed by CHPC members in 2012 is as follows:

         The CHPC Tally For 2012:

         14th January SCEC Rally - Mini Road Safety 4     

Quiz Training + Horse and Pony Care Jan/ Feb: Maps 7. British Native Breeds of Horse & Ponies Ponies 6. Equipment Safety 8. Care of Foot                10. Lorinery 8. Flags 8. (Total 47)

         28th Jan Riding and Road Safety Rally: Achievement Badges 6

         3rd April Soup Rally: Mini Road Rider 11

         14th April Monday Rally: Mini Points of Tack 2. Mini Points of Pony 1. Mini Farming 4.

         Mini Working Dogs 3. ‘Big’ Working Dogs 2. (Total = 12)

         16th April – Mini Badge Rally: Mini Birds 9. ‘Big’ Birds 5. Wild Flowers 6. (Total = 20)

         28th April: Mini Horse Clothing 3.

         May Badge Courses: Security Awarenes 6. Perfect Paddock 10. Mini Poisonous   Plants 10. ‘Big’ poisonous Plants 5. Mini Working Dogs 10. and Big' Working Dogs 14. Mini Birds 3. ‘Big’ birds 2. Mini Farming 1. Flags 1. Shoeing 1. Bandaging and Rugs 1. Human First aid 2. Mini tack 1. Mini Parts of pony 1. Mini Care of foot 8. Mini Feed 7. Mini Fire Safety 6 . Mini     Gold 1. Gold Achievement,

         2 Blue Cross Animal Welfare 1. (Total 94)

         28th May Monday Rally: Mini Working Dogs 3‘. Big’ Working Dogs 1.

         Mini Pirate Rally: (Robin Ride Endurance rosettes 12)

         25th June Monday Rally: Mini Poisonous Plants 2. ‘Big’ poisonous Plants 2. Mini Care of the Foot 4.

         2nd July Monday Rally: Mini Poisonous Plants 3. ‘Big’ Poisonous Plants 3.

Mini Camp: Perfect Paddock 14. Mini Poisonous Plants 5. Mini Feed your Pony 23. Mini Care of Foot 10. Mini Pony Behaviour 14. Mini Mucking            Out 2. Mini Fire Safety 8. Mini Grooming 8. Mini Working Dogs 7. Mini                 Birds 9. Mini Points of Pony 2. Mini Saddlery 3. Mini Road Rider 10.

Mini Gold 9. (Total= 124)

          Residential Camp: Perfect Paddock 29. Poisonous Plants 27. Mini Poisonous Plants 1. Equine first Aid 22. Lorinery 16. Saddlery 15. Handling and Grooming 15. Shoeing 1. Bandaging and Rugs 1. Feed 1. Mucking Out 19. Fire Marshall 13. Blue Cross Animal Welfare 3. Gold Achievement 1       (Total = 164)

Grand Total for 2012: 506

I hope that many more members will be awarded Gold and Blue Cross Badges in 2013, and look forward to another busy year ahead.

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