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Spring 2015
Wednesday, 18 March 2015 08:52

Spring is in the air – at least I thought it was but today it is bitterly cold! However it is the time of year to look forward to a host of Pony Club events. This year we are holding the Area Dressage – 12th July 2015 – for a second time and it will be all hands to the pump! If you haven't already volunteered or been press-ganged to volunteering we should love to hear from you! Our Dressage Committee is already working very hard to get things rolling.

We have been asked to find a team of 4 members to compete in a friendly competition/demonstration at The Suffolk Show on Monday 28th May. This will comprise some Pony Club games, some jumping and some Handy Pony tasks in a knock out contest. It is not only great fun but a fantastic day out! Details are on the Area 8 web-site under Pony Club challenge. Do contact either Wendy Ashcroft or Catherine Monnington if you are interested.

Meanwhile we have a pretty full calendar already. Some training is already in full swing. Do keep checking the Calendar for details of what is going on.

Team training and team selection is in the forefront of many members' minds. Please do not feel shy in coming forward if you would like to attend the training or be considered for a team. We do try very hard to be as fair as possible in selecting team members, which is partly judged on your ability and partly on your commitment to the Pony Club and is never undertaken lightly.

This brings me on to the subject of spurs. You need written permission from me – usually signed on your membership card, to be able to wear spurs at Pony Club competitions. The policy of this Branch may be found under FAQ on our web-site, but briefly, unless you hold your C+ Test, then we ask that you are assessed with a Senior Instructor to ascertain whether you may wear spurs. On their approval I am more than happy to sign your card.

We have our wonderful Summer Camps to look forward to this summer. This year we have asked that you attend at least two mounted Rallies between 1st February and 1st June 2015. It will give us chance to iron out any minor problems that might arise and help us to place you in your ride which will add to your enjoyment of the camp experience.

Finally enjoy your horses and ponies, together with your many Pony Club friends. Good Luck for the better weather and an action packed summer!

Your DC


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