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Dress Code Spring 2015
Thursday, 02 April 2015 09:55

It was good to see so many of you at the Dressage Coaching at Milton yesterday.

As this is really the start of the season I thought I would take this opportunity of a gentle reminder of our Pony Club dress code. For training and other less formal occasions it is also important that you are well turned out. Always remember you are representing Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club, particularly if we are riding at an outside venue.

HAT: this should be up to date and tagged.  For training sessions, other than cross-country, hats or skull-caps should be black, navy or dark brown. Skull caps are essential for cross-country riding and your pony club eventing silks then can be worn. Please remember that unfortunately hats and skull caps deteriorate with age so should be replaced after three to five years. It goes without saying that after a severe impact, the hat will also need to be replaced! Please check the new stipulations regarding hats before purchasing a new one – the details have already been flagged up on our web-site.

HAIR: hair should be neat and tidy, preferably in a hairnet. Long hair should be plaited and secured in a hair net.

JEWELLERY: not allowed excepting a wristwatch, a wedding ring and a stock-pin worn horizontally. Sleeper studs must also be removed. Save jewellery and bling for later, then you can wear as much as you like!

JODPHURS: beige, navy blue or dark brown. Bright pink, red, orange or vivid green are definitely not the thing!

SWEATSHIRTS: ideally Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club sweatshirts or plain navy blue.

SKINNNIES: skinnies with long sleeves are needed for activities involving jumping, unless you are already wearing your sweatshirt. We have special ones, designed by members of the CHPC and are available through Bee Embroidery, a link to the price list and order form are on the ‘Links’ page.

BODY PROTECTORS are compulsory for Cross-Country and should be either dark blue or black.

AIR JACKETS, if used must be in addition to the body protector and are not recommended for riding in enclosed spaces, such as an indoor school or outdoor manege as it can startle horses when it goes off!.

BOOTS: Jodhpur and riding boots should have a flat sole and a defined, square cut heel. Muckers and trainers are not allowed for safety reasons.

SPURS: unless you hold your C+ or above, you need permission from your DC to wear spurs, whether riding at a Rally or competing in events held under Pony Club rules. Permission will be given with pleasure after you have had a spurs assessment with one of our Senior Instructors. It should be noted that those of you not holding your 'B' Test will still need to hold a spurs card, signed by the DC.

You all turn your horses and ponies out so well, it is important not to let the partnership down and to look to yourself as well! Rules may seem to be tedious but they have been designed first and foremost with safety in mind. Be proud of your Club and be proud to wear your Pony Club colours.

I wish you well for the season ahead and look forward to seeing you out and about upholding our great branch of the Pony Club.


Your DC



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