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SJ Team Friendly at Isleham

Firstly, thank you to everyone who turned up yesterday to support us and take part in the team friendly at Isleham .  There was a huge turnout of CHPC members and a wonderful team spirit all round.  The children all seemed to be supporting and helping each other. It was wonderful to see them all getting on so well and having such fun.  There were highs and lows and well done to the children for taking everything in their stride and making grown up decisions about their ponies.  You know who you are!!    All our parents were helpful and supportive and very patient as it was a very long day for some of us. So thank you to those who did stick it out to jump off late into the afternoon/early evening.

The results are as follows:

80cm Team B consisting of Katherine Ganczakowski riding Ozzie, Erin Braybrooke riding Mr Maurus, Iona Sclater riding Murphy and Jodie Allen riding Chester came FIRST!!!  Very well done to all of you, especially to Katherine who came 2nd out of 76 competitors isleham80win_0615

80cm Team A consisting of Lara Sclater riding Skylo, Bibi Parker riding Bertie and Lucy Shrimpton riding Goldie all jumped beautiful clear rounds but sadly Lara’s pony went lame so was unable to jump off so Bibi and Lucy had no team in the end. Had Lara been able to jump and gone clear the team would have been first or second as there were no other teams with no faults.  Lucy did ride a wonderful jump off round and came 5th.  So very well done to all the children in the 80cm

90cm Team A consisting of Scarlett Bedford riding Midnight, Jemima Pemberton riding Ben,  Charlotte Buchan riding Danny and Iona Sclater riding Mocha came 3rd as a team and Iona came 3rdindividually out of 70 children. So very well done to you all.

90cm Team B consisting of Millie Fitzsimon riding Ben, Zachery Dampier riding Treacle, Scarlett Bedford riding Rocket and Jodie Allen riding Chester all rode some lovely rounds but sadly were just out of the prizes. Very well done to all of you.

100cm Team consisting of Scarlett Bedford riding Midnight, Penelope Dampier riding Lillie and Zachery Dampier riding Treacle. Sadly Charlotte decided not to ride Danny as he had had a fall early in the day and she decided to preserve her pony for another day.  However, the 3 left made a wonderful impact and came 2nd as a team finishing on 8 faults. This was a brilliant result!  Scarlett also rode Rocket in the 1m class as an individual and jumped a stunning clear in the first round and 8 faults in the 2nd round.

1.10m This was very poorly represented with only 2 competitors.  Penelope and Lillie jumped a lovely clear in the first round and decided to retire in the jump off so came 2nd.  Good decision!

Our 50cm, 60cm and 70cm teams all did a sterling job and all kept smiling when their ponies wouldn’t play ball.  Well done everyone you were all brilliant and good team members. Roll on next time!!!

All the very best



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