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Happy Christmas

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all Members of Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club, to their parents and all our supporters.

This most unseasonal weather brings its own problems. Unclipped horses and ponies will sweat up all too easily. Perhaps we should be thinking of electroyltes for those in strenuos work?

In the rush up to Christmas with all the visits to relatives and friends, let alone the manic rush looking for presents; we should make sure we stick as nearly as possible to our ponies/horses feeding times. If you know you are going to be late, it is better to feed early rather than later, especially for our four-legged friends living out in the field. It is always better to leave a little extra hay out. Hungry animals can mill around, getting a bit irritable and it is then that kicks and other problems can occur.

We have a varied and interesting programme for the winter holidays. I hope to see many of you out and about.

One final word of advice – BE SAFE AND BE SEEN – when riding on our roads. In the semi gloom of early mornings and afternoons it can be difficult for the motorist to spot you.

Finally, all my very best wishes for a Great Equestrian New Year. Happy Riding! Enjoy!

Reach for new goals!

Your DC


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