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May Half term
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 10:04
Well rain did not entirely stop play over the half-term week. There was a most exciting day's racing at Northaw on the Monday where our members excelled. Many thanks to Geoffroy and Sally-Ann for all the enthusiasm and hard work they put in. This is the first time that I have watched Pony Racing and I must say I found it most exciting. There was also some good riding from our members who have benefited from Geoffroy's coaching.
We also finished with two good Rallies at Harlton in pleasant weather and good going. This brings me   on to another subject. Now that the Branch is not only bigger but also putting on a lot more events than in the past, we're looking for Volunteers to take some of the load of organising Rallies from Catherine Monnington and Emily Casey who have done most of the work in the past. Many thanks go to Julia Shaw who has been organising some great Rallies for the  Minis at Tetworth.
I have already spoken to some of you about this and was most encouraged by the response. This is not quite as onerous as it sounds and you would have plenty of back-up, especially in the early days. In future it is envisaged that all bookings and payments will be online, which will simplify things we hope but will be a lot of work at the beginning whilst it is set up. In addition it is hoped that in most instances the rides will also be allocated.
Equally if any of you would like to get involved in assisting or running one of the Disciplines, please do  get in touch with either myself or Catherine.
I have circulated an e-mail with more informatio about the above and do hope to see many of you at the meeting.
With very best wishes and Good Luck to all competing in our Area Dressage at Cottenham. Again, any extra help on the day or before always appreciated! Wendy Ashcroft is doing a sterling job co-ordinating entries, not to mention all those who are also heavily involved in this competition.
Your DC

Liz Pickard
Saturday, 03 May 2014 15:54
I was very sad to learn of Liz Pickard's death. She was an amazing lady, who firmly believed in very high standards of riding and horsemanship and instilled these principles in her pupils over the years. 'Miss P' as most of us knew her, had a long history with Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club and we were very proud and honoured that she was our President. As many of you will know, Liz Pickard was awarded the British Horse Society Award of Merit in 1999, presented by HRH The Princess Royal, in recognition of her outstanding service to the British Horse Society. Liz was a truly remarkable person, who did not suffer fools gladly! She will be sorely missed - but her legacy lives on.

Your DC Sue
Friday, 25 April 2014 09:16


It is with great pleasure that I am able to inform you that two of our extremely hard-working members of the Branch committee have been awarded this prestigious award – Wendy Ashcroft, our indefatigable Secretary and her husband Andrew Ashcroft, our longstanding Health & Safety Officer.

This is a tremendous achievement attained over many years of hard work and enthusiastic commitment to our Pony Club. We are extremely proud of them and indebted to all their efforts and time, freely given.

The Cubitt Award is given annually to those who have volunteered within the Pony Club for more than 20 years. It was named after the late Guy Cubitt, who was Chairman of The Pony Club for 25 years and President from 1970 – 1979.

On behalf of the Branch Committee and all the members of Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club I would like to offer them our sincere CONGRATULATIONS.

Your DC


Happy Easter
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 10:04
Dear Pony Clubbers,
First of all A VERY HAPPY EASTER! I hope you have been enjoying the glorious weather out and about on your horses and ponies.
It gave me great pleasure to see how well turned-out our members were at the Polo Rally at Cambridge Polo Grounds on Friday, all in your Cambridge blue colours, looking very smart on the polo field. Many thanks to Jane Frost for organising this wonderful opportunity and to Josh Morris-Lowe for sparing the time to instruct.
Do remember in all the buzz of activities and competitions that you pay enough attention to the fitness of your horse or pony – also to the rider! Fitness is very important and carefully planned rallies, training and competitions can help to promote this, but please don’t forget the basic work which needs to be done at home and in between times.
Warming up and equally cooling down after strenuous exercise is very important. Do remember to dismount as soon as you have finished, slacken your girths and walk your horse/pony around to allow him to regain his wind and strength. Horse and ponies who have sweated a lot from exercise, particularly those who still have thick winter coats may well benefit from some electrolytes – this can be given as a powder mixed in the feed. Do ask your instructors if in doubt.
Now to loading – Ideally all horses/ponies should be loaded in a bridle or a controller headcollar because it gives you more control. Please, if you are having problems loading, do stop and put on a bridle and DO wear gloves – this can save some particularly nasty rope burns. Even small ponies have enormous strength – I have seen a tiny Dartmoor pony drag two solid, well- built men across a paddock!
Please, please Mums and Dads who are helping with the leading-rein members, can you refrain from being over familiar with your ponies and observe the golden rule - one horse’s length between each animal. Casual slapping of the rump of your own pony is not a good idea, especially if you absent-mindedly do the same to another pony who may well object and lash out, probably unseating his rider as well. I have seen so many accidents happen that could have easily been avoided so this advice is kindly meant.
Finally a word about the policy of our Pony Club regarding the wearing of spurs. The Pony Club Rule Book stated that only ‘B’ Test holders have earned the right to wear spurs, the exception being that the permission of the DC has to be given for exemption from this ruling. In Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club, your Branch Committee, after lengthy discussion, decided that it would allow successful candidates of the C+ Test to be allowed to wear spurs. Spurs are not the be all and end all to the problem and can sometimes make matters worse.
Finally, I look forward very much to seeing you at the many Rallies, training events and competitions in the   following weeks. Enjoy your riding and your horses and ponies.
Happy, Safe and Fun riding
Your DC

Christmas message
Monday, 23 December 2013 08:52
Dear Pony Clubbers
As I write this I can hardly believe that Christmas is only a few days away. In all the excitement and the fevered activity at the moment it is easy for a pony's routine to a little disrupted. Just remember that it is better to feed earlier, if you know you are going to be tied up later. Hungry animals hanging round the gate, waiting for their food to appear can get a bit impatient and this is often the time when they start barging around and somebody gets kicked or hurt.
On a brighter note I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you and your families A Very Happy Christmas and A Fantastic New Year and also a huge THANK YOU to all our generous land owners and to everyone who has helped in any way, large or small, over the year. We are hugely indebted  to our Volunteers who  are the backbone of our Club.
I look forward to seeing many of  you at our Christmas Show Jumping Show on 5th January and later on in the month at our Annual Prizegiving and Family Afternoon on Sunday 26th January. Next  year will  be the  80th year of Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club - a cause for celebration!
Until then, have a wonderful time and enjoy Christmas!
With very best wishes
Your DC

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