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Christmas Letter 2012
Thursday, 20 December 2012 11:32

With Christmas fast approaching our days are frantically filled with all those seemingly unending lists of tasks to be done!

It is so important to keep a watchful eye on our equine friends at this time of year, particularly when we have spells of severe cold weather as experienced earlier this month or equally the unrelenting rain on ground that is already saturated.

Most horses and ponies will winter out well but they must have adequate shelter and hardstanding where they can retreat to out of biting winds. Water needs to be clean, ice should be broken, preferably twice a day at feeding times. Precious hay is a  must – to avoid it being trampled into the mud, either feed in the shelter or haynets, so secured that there is no danger of the horse getting his foot in it when empty. 

Some small ponies will not need additional feed but those older equines and those doing some work will require one or two small feeds a day – slow release energy is the aim here, so feeds high in fibre - Alfa A, Sugar Beet etc. My old  horse, now 28 years old, is thriving on the addition of barley and linseed rings to his feed. There are many options available for those horse and ponies prone to laminitis - so ask your instructor or your feed merchant. Remember laminitis can strike at any time of the year. We had a little Dartmoor pony who had it in December.

Horses and ponies need to be kept warm – for some, whom nature has equipped with a thick coat, it may not be  necessary to rug up; but, for others, especially if they are clipped then rugging is the order of the day.

Do remember to check that the rug is not rubbing and most importantly that your pony is not losing weight underneath it. A good policy is to put a weigh tape on once a week to keep an eye on condition -  sometimes it is very difficult to assess on a daily basis.

Now is the time for you to get your ‘house’ in order for next year - vaccinations, tack repairs, worming and fittening programmes for you and your horse/pony.

Thinking of trying for one of our Pony Club teams – do give it a go, it is great fun and you will be amazed how your riding will come on, besides making new friends and experiencing the highs and lows together!

Finally may I wish each and every one of you


Look forward to seeing you in action soon and at our Family Afternoon on Sunday 27th January.

Your DC


Monday, 01 October 2012 09:36
Many, many CONGRATULATIONS to all those who took part in representing our Pony Club at Gransden Show on Saturday 29th September. It was a great showcase for Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club and drew a wide audience. I was extremely proud of you all The Mounted Games was a very slick operation, both from the point of view of the competitors, the leaders on foot (I had no idea they could run so fast!) and the groundstaff who organised the games. A special mention  must go to Lindsay Cook who did a brilliant job as commentator on the loudspeakers.
Then roll on to the afternoon when it was time for the Musical Ride. The costumes were fantastic - many thanks to Christina Harrison - the riders performed a very good display and coped with the one or two hiccoughs with impeccable cool; the final musical ride was also very much enjoyed by the crowd. Thank you all very much - you did a grand job.
Special thanks must go to all those who worked hard behind the scenes, Emily Casey, Christina Harrison, Catherine Monnington, Wendy Ashcroft, and all those wonderful runners and helpers, not forgetting our Musical Ride trainer, Sarah Maddison, who has worked extremely hard with  these riders and ponies to her great credit. A great kaleidoscope on the fun and games we have at our Pony Club, but without the help and input of all those involved, it just would not happen. Many, many heartfelt thanks to you all. Don't forget if you would like to help in any capacity, you will be welcomed with open arms. 
Summer 2012
Saturday, 08 September 2012 12:01
Many congratulations to all of you who have represented Cambridgeshire Hunt Pony Club this summer. I feel it is a privilege to be your DC and am very proud of all our members who have not only turned themselves and their ponies to a very high standard but all who have risen to the occasion and given of their best, some of whom surpassed themselves and achieved high personal goals, whilst others coped well with the disappointments that unfortunately came their way. I felt there was a really good team spirit throughout which is so important - together we can not only make things happen but also support our friends when their day did not go as they had hoped.
Blenheim was another wonderful event on the 6th Septemeber and again there were some highs and lows - some brilliant rounds and some disappointments but well ridden one and all.
Now we can look  forward to Gransden Show on Saturday 29th September. do come along and support your friends.
Good Luck to all. Enjoy!
Your DC
B Test
Thursday, 06 September 2012 12:33
CONGRATULATIONS to our three Pony Club Members who all passed their 'B' test on the 4th September with  flying colours. A lot of preparation and hard work went into this and in the end they were justly rewarded. Well done to  Emma Butler, Emily Procter and Tara McKenna. Also a special thank-you to Tory McKenna who worked very hard organising the day.
Don't forget to  come and support your Pony Club at Gransden Show on Saturday 29th September as we shall have many members in action then!
Your DC
August 2012
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 07:37

It is amazing how quickly August is disappearing but before I fill you in on more recent events I must pay a special thank-you to Catherine Monnington and Emily Casey, who together with their band of willing helpers made Camp at Harlton this year one of the best, not forgetting our tremendous team of Instructors and all those unsung heroes. A specially warm and heartfelt thank-you to you all.

Summer Clinic – new this year, though we have held them  previously in times gone by! – aimed for our older members. This time the venue was Washbrook Farm, the home of Ann and Nigel Taylor, at Aston-le-Walls. It was a resounding success and we are looking to provide it again next year. Everyone that I have spoken to said they not only thoroughly enjoyed it but also got a lot out of it with regard to improving their performance and knowledge. Many thanks to Tory McKenna for getting this one off the ground and making such a success of it.


To date we have had Members compete in the Open Showjumping, Intermediate Eventing and Open Eventing classes at the Pony Club National Championships at Cholmondley Castle in Cheshire. It is a tremendous achievement to qualify for these and to actually get there!

I was extremely proud of our Members – they all put in very creditable performances, some surpassed themselves, whilst others had a little bit of bad luck on the day, but that’s life! My sincere congratulations to you all.

This week we have the National Tetrathlon championships at Hartpury in Gloucestershire (21st-23rd Aug), swiftly followed by the Novice Dressage and Eventing championships at Kelsal in Cheshire (25th & 26th Aug). Good Luck  to you all!

Your DC




Hattie Algar has been chosen to represent England at a special National Championship at Hartpury on th 21st Aug.. This is taking place alongside the Pony Club Tetrathlon championships. This is a great honour and we wish her every success.

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